Hot+keys #17: 87 Cents

Listen to us talk about Landon’s cold apartment, SDCC 2019, Marvel’s phase 4 lineup, some Star Wars stuff, the Witcher miniseries, season 3 of Westworld, some great TV shows, Chernobyl’s New Safe Confinement, Jesse moving, a $200 bet, Landon’s pen collection, Mick’s wipes, panhandlers, 30 year old movies, the Day’s Gone platinum trophy, Stephen King books, and Commuter Cars. Starring Jesse Bich, Landon Browning, and Mick Parker.

Recorded July 21st, 2019.

Hot+keys #6: The Perfect Storm

Listen to us talk about non-spoiler Avengers: Endgame details, Jesse’s murder weapon, Peter Mayhew’s death, Landon’s liquid courage, a botched plan, an unlikely outcome, the awful Sonic trailer, Gopher Broke, Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, young Landon’s mohawk, alternate furry realities, Jesse’s Bloodborne journey, unfounded insecurities, and winning jokes. Starring Jesse Bich, Ben Stuart, Landon Browning, and Mick Parker.

Recorded May 4th, 2019.

Hot+keys #3: Star Wars Episode IX – Choose Your Own Title

Listen to us talk about Star Wars Episode IX: The Disappointing Subtitle, Episode IX: We’re Sorry About the Last One, Episode IX: The Coma of Rose, Episode IX: Leia Should Have Died in Episode VIII, Episode IX: Return of the Calrissian, Episode IX: Revenge of the Ewoks, Episode IX: The Phantom Menace 2, Episode IX: A New Hope in JJ, Episode IX: Tacky Bumper Stickers, Episode IX: I Will Regret This Tattoo Someday, Episode IX: The Platinum Grind, Episode IX: Would You Kindly?, Episode IX: 8 Years to Days Gone, Episode IX: Landon Hates Borderlands, Episode IX: Video Game Voice Actors, Episode IX: The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Episode IX: Expensive Skins of Fortnite, Episode IX: A Hockey Game Broke Out During a Fight, and Episode IX: Cold Coffee Edition. Starring Landon Browning, Mick Parker, Wil Dobratz, and Colby Chapman.

Recorded April 13th, 2019.

Back+log #4: The Elephant in the Room or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Take Control

Download and listen to us talk about poor podcasting form, the 2015 Game of the Year (including Fallout 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Arkham Knight, Dying Light, and Until Dawn), Mirror’s Edge, Naughty Dog protagonists, Jesse’s frightening career choices, Heroes (and its product placement), Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the novelty of The Stanley Parable, the death of David Bowie, how The Prestige is better than The Illusionist, Christopher Nolan films, Michael Caine’s omnipresence (in Michael Caine movies), the podcast power struggle, more poor podcasting form, Jesse’s sensitive side, even more poor podcasting form (why didn’t I edit this out?), Axis & Allies, Making a Murderer, movies on MLK day, and Mick’s disapproval of his job. Oh, and a slide whistle shows up a few times. Starring Jesse Bich, David Parker, Benjamin Stuart, Landon Browning, and Mick Parker.

Originally recorded January 11th, 2016.

Back+log #3: Really Real Santa

Download and listen to us talk about sleep cycles and dreams, our Christmas mornings, a particular lemonade stand, Jesse ruining Santa for his brothers, music we listened to growing up, PS4 headsets, the death of WarLight, and getting our wisdom teeth pulled. Starring Jesse Bich, David Parker, Benjamin Stuart, and Mick Parker.

Originally recorded December 28th, 2015.