Hot+keys #16: The (Sony) Bends

Listen to us talk about Landon’s hot apartment, Spokane’s seedy schools, storming Area 51, backyard matrimony, decompression sickness, Cyberpunk 2013, the Keanu Reeves cinematic universe, our fake sponsors, more heat complaints, bad drivers (including us), Stranger Things season 3, the 1980s, WWII documentaries, meme formats, the LOTR franchise, and The Rock. Starring Ben Stuart, Landon Browning, Mick Parker, and Colby Chapman.

Recorded July 13th, 2019.

Hot+keys #13: Browning v. Board of Superman

Listen to us talk about the controversy of Superman and Man of Steel, other comic book movies, Pixar’s Toy Story 4, a horrible accident in Mexico, the Mission Impossible franchise, the legacy of LeBron James, Steph’s Holey Moley, Captain Jack Sparrow, the similar soundtracks of Hans Zimmer, lovely urinal cakes, and Ben’s interesting ideas. Starring Ben Stuart, Landon Browning, Mick Parker, and Jona Gallegos.

Recorded June 22nd, 2019.

Hot+keys #9: Sentient Lime Scooters

Listen to us talk about new recording equipment, the quick month of May, miscommunication, Jesse’s financial woes, dirty glasses, Jesse vs. Game of Thrones (minor spoilers), great series finales, Sonic’s delay, first video games, first consoles, classic Lucas Art’s games, Landon dominating The Oregon Trail, a rainy day at a theme park, meat at Texas Roadhouse, Lime Scooters, the homeless uprising, Jesse’s broken car, Landon’s benevolent nightmare, Netflix original shows, and riveting stories. Starring Jesse Bich, Ben Stuart, Landon Browning, and Mick Parker.

Recorded May 25th, 2019.