We are four dudes who live in the state of Washington. No, not in Seattle, on the other side of the state near Idaho, the half that no one really talks about. And one who lives in Michigan. No, not in the mitten, in that weird part that sticks out of Wisconsin.

Jesse Bich likes buying video games, eating Panda Express, petting his dog, and spending time with his wife. All probably in that order too. Jesse has claimed to owning a stash of weed larger than a Ford Pinto.

David Parker hates working, but does it anyway (from time to time) because he loves money. He also loves his wife, but not as much as Jesse loves buying video games. David is always slightly aroused, but never enough for anyone to notice.

Benjamin Stuart loves music and yelling at his friends when he thinks they made him lose in RS: Siege. He also probably hates women, but that hasn’t been proven yet. Benjamin owns more tank-tops than the rest of us combined.

Landon Browning likes mice, rats, cats, and other small furry creatures, but he mostly likes leaving dirty dishes in the sink for weeks. No one is better at GTAV races than Landon.

Mick Parker is an enigma wrapped in whole-wheat tortillas filled to the brim with Mexi-blend cheese and YouTube fail videos. He has never gone more than 4 minutes without belching or clearing his throat.