One evening in late 2015, four friends from the Pacific Northwest got together and talked about starting a podcast, surviving a zombie apocalypse, cutting off their own limbs, who would win if Deadpool fought Batman, some Coen Brothers films, novels vs. their screen adaptations, and a show about nothing. They wrapped it up, coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t a half bad conversation. As it turned out, one of the guys had hit “record” prior to starting. They would be able to share their insights (or lack thereof) with whomever would eventually listen.

The four decided to try again a week later, and bring along yet another nerdy white guy to round out the group. For months, they would continue to record weekly, however, they had not yet released any of their episodes to the public, with particular aversion from the guy who hit “record”. This disappointed the others, but they continued to get together every week, honing their hosting chops. They integrated segments, had catchphrases and in-jokes, and even came up with a fairly clever name, Hotkeys, despite the over saturation of generic pop culture podcasts.

Everything was looking up, the future was bright and ripe for success… until the guy who hit “record” moved away, never to return (except for holidays, and such). The others were devastated. How could they soldier on without one of their own? The answer was fairly simple; they only needed to get together once a week and hit “record”, but alas, this failed to happen. The podcast died before it was ever released to the public, instead being left to rot on various Dropbox accounts or cluttering up PC desktops. It seemed Hotkeys would never see the light of day…

There is, however, a satisfying end to this tale. Eventually, the one who moved away decided to listen to their backlog of episodes and began to edit them for release. The “why” is not of much importance, as mystery can help perpetuate a grand myth, but the truth is, he owed it to his friends, the ones back home who started it all with him. So, he created a website, began to release episodes from their backlog, and heavily encouraged the others to continue on in his stead.

The overarching plan is to concurrently release backlog episodes and new episodes, as those are recorded, weekly. There may be some different faces, or differing formats, but at the heart, it’s still the same podcast. The time has finally come for Hotkeys to see the light of day. Thankfully, the one who hit “record” was finally able to accept that he can’t be his worst critic forever; that’s what the rest of the internet is for.

We are Jesse Bich, David Parker, Benjamin Stuart, Landon Browning, and Mick Parker.

We are Hotkeys Podcast.